underwater sculpture park

Human made coral reef

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Underwater sculpture park crated by Jason deCaires Taylor near Grenada in Caribbean Sea has turned into an artificial coral reef. Since 2006 artist has collected many human depicting sculptures in a variety of installations. Water gives a unique experience since it constant movement and scattering of light give the viewer different perspective from many different angles. Sculptures are made from a material that has been chosen to be natural coral friendly. Since 2006 many of the sculptures have been naturally habited by corals and fish. The sculpture park lies in a clear and shallow water and is accesible for divers and snorkelers.
Similar projects followed in Cancun, Mexico and in a smaller scale in Canterbury, UK.

Inertia-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor The-gardener-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor The-silent-evolution-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor


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