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Egypt is one of the most fascinating countries. Starting with its ancient civilisation, its history, believes, knowledge and architecture to the modern, post-Arab Spring. Modern Egypt controls the strategic region of Suez Channel and Red Sea on the border of Africa and Asia. Over the last three millennia architecture of Egypt went a stunning transition. Despite the passing time, one may notice large influence of the history and tradition on modern Egyptian architecture. Contrary to different parts of the world, in Egypt one can compare the ancient architecture to the most modern buildings directly. The oldest of Egyptian constructions date to XXXV century B.C. and are very often superbly preserved, in particular of tombs and pyramids.

Panoramic view on Giza pyramides

Step Pyramid of Djoser

Djoser Stepped Pyramid of Saqqara Pyramide von Djoser, von Süd 0965 Saqqara pyramid
The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the oldest preserved pyramid in Egypt. Although not the oldest pyramide worldwide, Djoser pyramid is the worldwide oldest construction build from a cut stone (Caral pyramide is Peru is the worlds oldest unworked stone pyramide). Djoser pyramid was build in XXVII century B.C. and consist of six "steps" (mastabas). The construction of such a scale profs the new paradigm in the architecture and social structure of Egypt (mainly large scale manpower and material control).

Meidum Pyramid

Meidum pyramid 006 Meidum Pyramide Fassadendetail c 01 meidum distance MeidumPyramidPassage2
Meidum pyramid initially was designed as a step pyramid. It was designed for the last pharaon the Third Dynasty. However, his successor turned Meidum pyramid into a true pyramid filling the steps with a limestone. The pyramid was constructed in different stages, expanded in base and height at every stage. Meidum pyramid has collapsed still in the antiquity. Due to that it is mostly known as a "collapsed pyramid". Remains of the pyramid include only the core constructed as an initial stage. Meidum site represent a transition stage, between "step" and "true" pyramids.

Great Pyramid of Giza

Piramida Cheopsa Flickr - Gaspa - Giza, piramide di Cheope (4) Cheops-Pyramide 0914
The great pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest pyramid in the Giza complex. It is the most known and recognizable Egyptian pyramid and represent a true pyramide style. The pyramid was build for pharaon Cheops (called also Khufu) in XXVI century B.C.  Great pyramid was the worlds tallest man made object until the construction of Lincoln Cathedral, England in XIV century. The pyramid is build from a polished limestone, on a base of an almost perfect square and is aligned to the north and south poles.  

Djoser, Meidum and Giza represent three milestones in the pyramid architecture in Egypt. From the true stone pyramid of Djoser, through Meidum site with step pyramid changed later to a classic pyramid, ending with the true pyramid of Giza.
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