where is the Amber Room?

Amber Room

The Amber Room is a chamber with gold and amber decorations. It was made in XVIII century and disappeared during the II World War. It is estimated to be worth nowadays over 500 millions dolars and is considered an "Eighth Wonder of the World". The Amber Rooms known history ends suddenly and leaves many possible locations for its place of hiding.  Since its disappearance many treasure seekers were involved in the search. However, none of them succeeded yet.  

History of Amber Room

Frederick I of Prussia at the beginning of XVIII century ordered a decorative room for his palace. The room was designed by Andreas Schlüter and made in Denmark by Gottfried Wolfram from amber. Initially the Amber Room was installed in Charlottenburg Palace near Berlin in Germany. In 1716 Frederick I gave the Amber Room to Peter the Great to strengthen their alliance against Sweden. Peter the Great got the Amber Room installed in his Winter Palace in St. Petersburg as a part of the European art collection. The Amber Room has been moved again in following decades and while being adapted to the new location it has been also expanded. After years it covered more that 50 square meters and included approximately 6 tons of amber.

Berlin - Schloss-Charlottenburg
Charlottenburg Palace
Winter Palace Facade II
Winter Palace in St. Petersburg

The last legitimate location of the original Amber Room is Catherine Palace in Pushkin close to St. Petersburg. The palace is also a location of the modern reconstruction of the Amber Room. In its history, Amber Room was used by Peter the Great, Czarina Elizabeth, Catherine the Great and Aleksander I.

Catherine Palace in Pushkin, Saint Petersburg

During the II World War and German invasion of Soviet Russia, the Amber Room was moved by Germans to Königsberg Castle and installed there. The Castle during the II World War functioned as a museum. In 1943 Alfred Rohde, working as a director of the museum, was in charge of moving Amber Room to different location. In 1944 the castle was burned down as a result of bombing. Königsberg Castle is the last known location of the Amber Room.

Königsberg Castle courtyard
Königsberg Castle, Kaliningrad, Russia

Where the Amber Room is now?

Known history of the Amber Room ends in the Königsberg Castle. The Amber Room was suppose to leave the castle and there is no information saying that it was there when the castle was destroyed.  There is many theories what happened to the Amber Room after it left the castle. One them says that it is in Wilhelm Gustloff ship wreck that has been sunken in 1945 by Russians in Baltic Sea. Other informations lead to Castels in Lower Silesia in Poland occupied by Germans during the II World War. One of the people that had informations about the Amber Room was Erich Koch that was leader of NSDAP in Eastern Prussia during the war. After the war he was sentenced with a death penalty which was never performed. He died in 1986 by natural causes in a prison in Barczewo, Poland. Over many years he was number of times interviewed about whereabouts of the Amber Room, never (officially) revealing any secrets. Other theory says that a secret organisation ODESSA that was suppose to help fugitive Nazis, could be responsible for its disappearance and possible current location. Treasure seeker from all over the world mention about 200 possible locations of the Amber Room.

Reconstruction of the Amber Room

The Amber Room has been reconstructed in Catherine Palace and is now a great turist attraction. Information how to get there may be found on http://amber.tzar.ru, the site is for the moment only in russian. However, you may use Google Translator to get more informations until the english version apears. 

Bernsteinzimmer11 Bernsteinzimmer06 Bernsteinzimmer04
Reconstruction of the Amber Room in Catherine Palace


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Crafted entirely out of amber, gold and precious stones, the Amber Room made of numerous panels was a masterpiece of baroque art and widely regarded as the world's most important art treasure.

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