honeymoon in Alaska - part 3

Alaska SeaLife Center, Seward

The very south spot of the main street in Seward is a home for the Alaska SeaLife Center. If you do not have luck to see a puffin or seal from close distance then this is the perfect place to do that. The bird room can be viewed from above and from under the water. You will see diving puffins, among the fish native to Alaska. You will have opportunity to see and touch various starfish, see salmon in different stages of life, see sea lion and much more. Park rangers give lectures about Alaska and native Alaskans,  and if you like you may feed birds or have a close octopus encounter.

Anchorage museum

At the end of our Alaska adventure we spent one day in Anchorage. During whole week we got very nice weather, except our Anchorage day. From wondering around the town in rain or visiting museum we have chosen the Anchorage museum. The museum is divided for many sections and is not only about Anchorage. There is a popular science section, history of Alaska, native Alaskan, Alaskan modern art. Museum is definitely worth visiting.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Between Anchorage and Seward, at mile 79 of Seward Highway you will find Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center which is a great place to see animals that you may have missed in your Alaska adventure. You will find adult moose, muskoxen, elk, brown and black bears, bisons and much more. Center is also home for orphaned moose calves and brown bear cubs. You can drive around the center or leave your car and take a walk and watch animals. 

Moose Muskoxen Elk
Brown bear Brown bear cubs Bisons

Food and drinks in Alaska

I like fish and chips with beer so Alaska was heaven for me :-) Fish and chips is available with any fish you want and you can be sure that is fresh and comes from a local fisherman. From halibut, salmon and cod to rock fish, all delicious. Selection or beers that are brewed in Alaska is also very nice. All have a unique flavor and you should probably try them all, Alaskan Summer Ale was my favorite.   

Halibut and chips Selection of alaskan draught beers

We will be back!

Our trip to Alaska was a wonderful experience. An escape from a city life to small quite town surrounded by beautiful nature. Weather you are a mountain or ocean lover, Seward has both of them separated by a small cozy town. I strongly recommend it for everyone! We certainly will go back!

Cormorant and seagull Kenaj fjords tour boat at Fox Island Kenaj fjord national park
Bird view point at the Seward highway Three window point Seward

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