honeymoon in Alaska - part 2

Fishing in Seward

For everyone who likes finishing and for all who just enjoy being in a small but very busy fishing port, Seward is an excellent place. There is many sport finishing companies that will take you for whole or a half day fishing tour in the local fjords. We have not gone for a finishing tour but we have seen many times boats coming back to the port. If you happen to be in the Seward port around 6PM you will see big fish and happy fisherman all around. Most of people catch halibut, rock fish and various salmons. There are two fish cleaning spots in the Seward port and around those places people gather, hang the biggest fish that has been caught and take pictures. If you decide to go for one of these trips, you wont have to worry about anything else but catching the biggest fish you can. The rest will be done for you. Fish be will be cleaned, packed and frozen for you to take it home :-)

Exit glacier

Just few kilometers from Seward lies Exit glacier. It is not in a walking distance from Seward, but many companies are running shuttles that will get you to the glacier and after an hour pick you and get you back to Seward. Exit glacier is part of the national park and the park rangers make guided trips from the bottom of the hill to the glacier. It is fun to walk with a park ranger. They will tell you the history of the glacier, park and probably few stories about animal encounters. There are two two paths up the hill, both get you to the glacier. However, if you turn right then you get then faster and easier. On your way from Seward to Exit glacier or on your way back to town you should see marks of the glacier extent during different periods of time. You may be surprised how much did the glacier shrink during the last decades.

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why eggplant is called eggplant

Eggplants name

Have you ever wondered why an eggplant is called like that? The most common is a purple eggplant, that despite being a fruit is eaten as a vegetable, and does not like an egg at all. However eggplant has more variaties of colors and shapes. A white eggplant is the one that suggests the origin of its name. White eggplant fruits look like goose eggs hanging from a bush.

Purple eggplant flowers Purple, most commonly sold and
grown eggplant. 
White eggplant.

Eggplant facts

Eggplant originates from India and has been introduced to Europe by Arabs through Mediterranean region. Currently eggplant is cultivated worldwide with China being the main producer. Eggplant is the nicotine richest eatable plant. However, the amount is very small and 9kg of eggplants contain as much nicotine as a cigarette [1].

underwater sculpture park

Human made coral reef

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Underwater sculpture park crated by Jason deCaires Taylor near Grenada in Caribbean Sea has turned into an artificial coral reef. Since 2006 artist has collected many human depicting sculptures in a variety of installations. Water gives a unique experience since it constant movement and scattering of light give the viewer different perspective from many different angles. Sculptures are made from a material that has been chosen to be natural coral friendly. Since 2006 many of the sculptures have been naturally habited by corals and fish. The sculpture park lies in a clear and shallow water and is accesible for divers and snorkelers.
Similar projects followed in Cancun, Mexico and in a smaller scale in Canterbury, UK.

Inertia-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor The-gardener-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor The-silent-evolution-underwater-sculpture-jason-decaires-taylor

honeymoon in Alaska - part 1

Together with my wife, we decided to go for our honeymoon to Alaska. We got married in July so there was no better time to go there. We did not take a cruise but instead we decided to go to one town and spend a few days tere. We flew in to Anchorage, spent a night there and in morning we went to Seward.

From Anchorage to Seward

We decided to take a bus from Anchorage to Seward. After that we have been told that trip by train is much more scenic and one may spot an animal much easier. However, the bus trip is just fine. Although, one is on a highway, it leads between the ocean and mountains for almost the whole way. Bus ride takes about 3 hours. Highway from Anchorage to Seward is considered as one of the most scenic highways in the US. Part of the road goes through a dead forest, remnants of the forest killed by a salt water brought by a tsunami after a great earthquake in 1964. If you happen to drive the Seward highway, you will have many opportunities for birds and beluga whales watching.

Alaska dead forest. Residue of a
forest killed and preserved in this
form by the salty water brought to
land by a tsunami wave.
Alaska railroad, train operating
between Anchorage and Seward. Alaska railroad.
View from a bird watching point
in the Seward highway.

Seward, Alaska

Seward is a town with population around 3000 people but during the summer number of residents grows to more that 10000. Main street leds from the Seward highway through a small boat harbor to downtown area. The bus and train arrive to Seward and depart from the neighborhood of the harbor. Most of the town life is concentrated around the harbor. There grocery store is hard to find and is located at the north of the town (about 15 min walk north from the harbor). Most of the attractions and turist companies are located in the harbor. Following the main street will lead to the southern part of the Seward, where downtown is located (about 15 min walk south from the harbor).

Sculpture on the main street of Seward. Alaska flag designer, Benny Benson
memorial stone.
Main street of Seward.

Kenai Fjords

Kenai Fjords National Park and Kenai Fjords Tours organize boat tours on the fjords. This is one of the biggest attractions. The tour takes whole day, starts in the Resurrection Bay and follows in the neighboring fjords. You will certainly spot many animals like orca whales, humpback whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters and various birds. Most of the tours will take you to glaciers and best spots for marine wildlife and scenery. Tours end on the Fox island where you will be served a steak and salmon "all you can eat" buffet.

Orca whale Sea lions Glacier
Puffin Sea otter View from Fox Island

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