honeymoon in Alaska - part 2

Fishing in Seward

For everyone who likes finishing and for all who just enjoy being in a small but very busy fishing port, Seward is an excellent place. There is many sport finishing companies that will take you for whole or a half day fishing tour in the local fjords. We have not gone for a finishing tour but we have seen many times boats coming back to the port. If you happen to be in the Seward port around 6PM you will see big fish and happy fisherman all around. Most of people catch halibut, rock fish and various salmons. There are two fish cleaning spots in the Seward port and around those places people gather, hang the biggest fish that has been caught and take pictures. If you decide to go for one of these trips, you wont have to worry about anything else but catching the biggest fish you can. The rest will be done for you. Fish be will be cleaned, packed and frozen for you to take it home :-)

Exit glacier

Just few kilometers from Seward lies Exit glacier. It is not in a walking distance from Seward, but many companies are running shuttles that will get you to the glacier and after an hour pick you and get you back to Seward. Exit glacier is part of the national park and the park rangers make guided trips from the bottom of the hill to the glacier. It is fun to walk with a park ranger. They will tell you the history of the glacier, park and probably few stories about animal encounters. There are two two paths up the hill, both get you to the glacier. However, if you turn right then you get then faster and easier. On your way from Seward to Exit glacier or on your way back to town you should see marks of the glacier extent during different periods of time. You may be surprised how much did the glacier shrink during the last decades.

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Anonymous said...

Your pixes of Exit glacier contrasts greatly from mine taken just back on summer of 2005. Yours looks flatter than my more sculputred one.. where can I upload my pix if you are interested.

Marcin said...

Hi, please contact me via the form in 'About blog' section at the top of the page. I would love to see and post the pictures from 2005 and 2011 together. Thanks for the comment.

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