worlds most scenic castles

Egeskov Castle, Denmark

Egeskov Castle is a renaissance castle located in southern Funen in Denmark. The Castle has been built as a fortification on a lake and originally one could reach it only by a waterbridge. The name of the Castle means "oak forrest". Egeskov Castle is surrounded by gardens featuring different topics. Whole area with the Castle functions now as a museum and is one the most important tourists attractions of the island. 

Egeskov Castle, Denmark. Pictrure from

Leeds Castle, England

Leeds Castle was built at the beginning of XII century and shortly after that became a royal residence. Over the centuries Leeds Castle was a residence of English royal family. Last private owner acquired the Castle at the beginning of the XX century and in 1976 was open to the public. The Castle was afterwards place of peace negotiation between Egypt and Israel and Northern Ireland peace talks. 

Leeds Castle, Kent, England 3 - May 09
Leeds Castle, England

Malbork, Poland

Teutonic Castle in Malbork is the worlds largest gothic castle. Malbork was the capital of the Teutonic Country and was occupied by the Teutonic Grand Master. Castle is well preserved and all of its parts are open for tourists. Over two centuries the Castle in Malbork became the most guarded town in the Teutonic Country. Castle was partially demolished at the beginning of XIX century but shortly after reconstructed. The museum is the Castle has also very large amber, art and military collection. 

Marienburg 2004 Panorama
Malbork, Poland

Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Kalmar Castle was build in XIII century and since then played significant role in Scandinavian history. The union of Denmark, Sweden and Norway was finalized in the Kalmar Castle in XIV century. Kalmar Castle was heavily damaged XVII century and not restored until the XIX century. Nowadays Kalmar is one of the best preserved Swedish castles and is open to the public. 

Kalmar slott.nordostra sidan
Kalmar Castle, Sweden

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle is a XIX century palace in southern Bavaria in Germany. The Palace was planed to act as a royal residence but has been open to public immediately after the construction. The magnificent scenery of the Castle was an inspiration for many movies. Today the Castle is a popular tourist destination.

Neuschwanstein Castle panorama
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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