transgender members of parliament

Anna Grodzka, Poland

Anna Grodzka
Anna Grodzka
Anna Grodzka became a member of the Polish parliament in the recent election on October 9th, 2011. Anna Grodzka is a member of a Palikot Movement party which collected enough votes to become a third major force in the current parliament. Grodzka is currently the only transgender member of parliament worldwide. She is a long-term activist for the LGBT rights. Grodzka is a founder and activist of the Trans-Fuzja foundation which is devoted to help transgender community in Poland. Her transformation to be a woman has been presented in HBO movie Trans-Akcja and presented in 2010. Among Grodzkas goals for the parliament are to help LGBT community, equalization of opportunities for woman and raise of the minimum wages.  

Georgina Beyer, New Zealand

Georgina Beyer at International Conference
Georgina Beyer
Georgina Beyer is the worldwide first transgender member of parliament. She has served in the parliament of New Zealand between 1999 and 2007 on behalf of the labour party. Beyer underwent the sex reassessment surgery in 1984. Her public career has started from election to school board and consequent election as a city mayor.  Beyer had tried to include "gender identity" term in the list of Human Rights Act. Georgina Beyer has been elected three times, in 1999, 2002 and 2005. In 2007 she has resigned from the seat. 

Other members

Vladimir Luxuria - Roma Pride 2008
Vladimir Luxuria
The first member of parliament in Europe that has openly admitted transsexuality was Vladimir Luxuria. Vladimir was a member of parliament in Italy during Romano Prodi's government. Vladimir functions in public life entirely as a woman. However, Vladimir has never undergone the medical or the legal procedure of the sex change. Luxuria has been involved in organizing Italy's first pride parade in early 90's and has continued LGBT rights activism during her appointment in Italy's parliament. 


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