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Hotel from Ice in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Town Jukkasjärvi in the northern Sweden is fameus from Ice Hotel. The Ice Hotel is entirely made of ice and snow and is build every year and opens around December. Ice Hotels bar glasses are also made from ice. Hotels bar was open in partnership with Absolut Vodka and is a precursor of Icebars in London,  Stockholm and other cities. Hotel accommodates around 100 people and rooms, main hall, church, reception area are uniquely designed and rebuild every year from scratch.  Icehotel is the largest ice and snow structure spanning over 6000 square meters. Guests can spend a night in temperature below zero, sleeping in warm clothes and boots on a ice-block bed. 

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Salt Hotel, Bolivia

In Salar de Uyuni desert in Bolivia one finds a hotel entirely made from salt. The desert is a remnant of a dry salty lake. The hotel is build from salt blocks and other natural materials from the Andes. Few years ago the hotel had to be demolished after missmanagement but was rebuild in the eastern edge of the desert under the name Palacio de Sal. Floor, walls, even the furniture including chairs and beds are made from salt and guests are  forbidden to lick the equipement. 

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Tree Hotel, Sweden

Sweden is home for few of the most unique hotels. It is not only that they have an Ice Hotel but Swedish people put a new meaning to the word tree-house. Tree Hotel features six uniquely designed and fully equipped tree-houses. All rooms have different shape, from a bird's nest to UFO. The hotel is located in town Harads in northern Sweden. Each of the six houses is eco-friendly and has been put from 4 to 6 meters above the ground are 15-30 square meters large. Although hotel is located in northern Sweden, it is open all year long. 

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Sleeping capsules, Japan

Japan has probably the worlds most minimalistic hotel. 9 Hours is not only hotel with different design but also different concept of running a hotel. The hotel does not have rooms in the classical meaning and guests are sleeping in the individual capsules. Most of the hotel is shared between guests and the private area is restricted to the 2.5 meter long and 1 meter high capsule. Except a TV and a small shelf the capsule contains just a mattress covering the floor. 

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Cave Hotel, New Mexico, US

New Mexico, US has a hotel made in a cave. Kokopelli's Cave is located 70 feet below the surface and has cave cavity turned into a hotel room. Access to the cave may be not easy depending on the guests condition. The cave was first the office and private home before it has been arranged as a hotel room. The room is fully equipped with full kitchen and even a jacuzzi and everything is put between 65 million years old walls.

Pictures from Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast,


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