the unconventional public campaign

Bartłomiej Topa, screen from the campaign movie, Synapsis Foundation 

Odd behavior attracts attention

Everyone likes to gossip and most people like to gossip about celebrities. Whenever a celebrity behaves odd, most of us think that they are under influence of alcohol of drugs. People start posting, tweeting, hunting for possible movies where the embarrassing behavior is exposed. Most of us now of stories like that from celebrity news. Polish actor, Bartłomiej Topa, that played for example in movie "Three colors: White", has been caught on camera when he did not behave quite like himself. First, while interviewed on TV, he has been distracted, did not answer any questions and seemed to be hyperactive. After that he has been filmed twice, on the train and in the shop. Both films show him quite distracted and having problems with adapting to the surrounding him place.

Rather drunk than insidious

All of the Polish celebrity pages and newspapers noticed the anonymously posted amateur videos and published articles and pictures commenting behavior of Bartłomiej Topa.  Many different theories followed the published movies. Everyone thought that the actor is either drunk, took some drugs or is going through some mental problems. However, few days after the movies and articles were published, the actor and Synapsis Foundation explained what has happened. 

Autism misleads senses

Behavior of Bartłomiej Topa was part of a social campaign aiming to increase the awareness of autism. The unconventional behavior of Bartłomiej Topa was for him "an acting exercise, for many people it is their whole life" (from the Synapsis campaign movie). The campaign was carried in media only and was keept in secret even from the involved media themselves. Movies were done by Tomek Wlaziński and Bartłomiej Topa and published between 11-14 of January 2012. 


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